Legal & Disclaimers

Almost none of the products are manufactured by us. Most of the products are sourced from suppliers who are not original manufacturers. Most of the orders are just redirected to concerned suppliers or merchants who handle the shipping and other formalities. While we take reasonable effort to maintain quality of suppliers and their credentials, an absolute warranty in this respect can not be given. For many products and services, especially the known branded products and services, the customers may need to contact the actual brand owners and their outlets for servicing and for any guidance without any direct or indirect reference to us.

We have geographical, climatic, act of God limitations. We may not be able to serve or deliver the product in many geographical area in India. Presently we don’t have the capability to deliver any product or service outside India. NO return is possible or permissible in the downloadable products if accessed and or ordered from outside India and no refund is possible under any circumstances.

For any product and or service or downloadable resources, and for any expressions made in supporting documents, literatures, catalogues, and for any information or opinion mentioned in such supporting documents and in the case of downloadable products the contents mentioned therein, we will not be held responsible directly or indirectly.

We are neutral religious policy company. Knowingly we shall not promote or encourage to promote any particular religion of philosophy or political views. Names are just names. They many not attributed to any particular religion or philosophy or political party or groups. We do not discriminate our visitors, customers, employees, suppliers or any person coming in contact with us based on gender, age, domicile, race, religion, language, dress codes, caste or creed