Cancellation and Refund

If the customer changes his mind, order can be cancelled within 1 hours. Order cancellation is allowed within 24 hours or before delivery of goods and or services whichever is earlier. Refund will be made only and strictly through relevant payment method. For payments made through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking and such payment methods received through Payment Gateway service provider, refund will be through the Payment Gateway service provider that too only to the origin of account from which fund received. No cash refund allowed at any circumstances. For cancellation of orders due to defects in delivered product or service, or for products sold through satisfaction guarantee programs, refund will be made in the form of credit voucher and these credit vouchers can be used to buy any other product or services with any member establishment directly or indirectly associated with us. Refund is always through bank. No Cash refund allowed under any circumstances. Refund is normally made within 1 week.

Shipping & Delivery

Most of the products are counter delivered at designated shop address. They are mostly ready for delivery by next working day. Where the customer had preferred door delivery, subject to door delivery option available for such a product, delivery will be made through standard courier company with tracking option. Delivery is possible only within India. Goods will be, in case of courier delivery, handed over to designated courier within 3 working days and standard delivery time by the courier company will apply. Every effort will be made to deliver the product anywhere in India within 7 working days under normal circumstances.