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Cancellation & Refunds

  1. Rules of Cancellation and Refund is subject to change and modification from time to time without any notice or prior intimation to the customer at the sold discretion of the Business Owners.
  2. Cash refund will never be made.
  3. Refund will normally be made by proper bank transfer to the designated account of the customer that is expected to be intimated in prior before placing orders
  4. Frequent change of bank accounts will not be accepted. A set up fee of Rs.100 will be charged when a new bank account is added to make payments.
  5. Based on bank charges, presently Rs.20 per transaction is charged for each bank transfer.
  6. Orders can be cancelled by intimation through email or by phone or online.
  7. For cancelled orders, under normal circumstances, 100% refund will be made within 18 days of receipt of payment.
  8. For regular customers, where we are satisfied with their past contracts, we can afford to release order cancellation payment on the day of receipt of funds subject to Order cancellation charges of 2 to 5% for normal cards. For premium cards, actual difference will be charged extra.
  9. At customer request, and under differing circumstances, there may be delay in refund for cancelled orders. For such delays a compensation of 2% order value will be paid by us for period 40 days and beyond from date of receipt of funds.
  10. Rewards allocated to a customer while carrying on transaction, under normal circumstances shall not be cancelled unless and otherwise that customer had fallen in negative list of company as undesired customer who may cause harm to the interests of the company.
  11. Pro-rata rewards at pre determined rates will be released upon requested encashment at the time of release of refund payment.
  12. Company decision is final in all aspects.
  13. Presently we deal within India and all transactions are subject to Jurisdiction of Chennai City, India.
  14. No separe communication may be sent about cancellation and refunds if necessiated or initiated.
  15. An item, good or service will be considered unavailable or not considered eligible for delivery if the item, good or service could not be delivered to the customer within 14 days of receipt of order. No damages are permissible or acceptable in the event of failure in delivery or inability to fullfill the order.
  16. Order cancellation and refund records are maintained by us separately, not synchronised with online store. As such any information viewed by customer or downloaded by customer from internet from the online store will not be binding upon us.
  17. For Agency Customers (customer acting as an agent for several other customers), all communication and refund will be made only to the Agency customer.
  18. For online orders and payment, we never know the card details of the customers. Customers are expected to protect their information from prying on their own.
  19. The company and business owners reserve right to modify, cancel, alter and update the terms at any time without any notice to anybody. Such alterned and modified and updated terms will be binding upon from date that is updated for such transactions that are carried out after such date of updation of terms and conditions.